Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford plays multiple roles in life – supermodel, actress and businesswoman. There is great reason to association of Omega with her for last 20 years . Cindy Crawford is the brand’s longest-serving ambassador. She knows quite well how to grab attention Did you see her shoot in which she play Eve in the Garden of Eden and with a snake ?

Kaia Gerber – Cindy Crawford’s daughter

Nowadays, Kaia Gerber has been in the news lately due to many reason. Her boyfriend, Pete Davidson, seems to be having mental health issues that may require rehab. Kaia is known for her strong resemblance to her mother.

Brand Ambassador

OMEGA president said, “Cindy has made some remarkable contributions to OMEGA over the years and was instrumental in establishing the brand’s fashion credentials. She is truly a member of the family and our partnership with her is a privilege.”

Cindy – Misfortune Childhood

But life hasn’t always run smoothly for the all-American model who was born on February 20, 1966 to a modest family in Illinois. During her childhood, Her younger brother died from leukaemia childhood and father walked out on Cindy and her mother and sister.

Cindy – Dream & Destiny quite different

Can you believe former supermodel, Cindy was dreamed of becoming a scientist, a doctor, or a teacher, but as destiny take her somewhere else. grew up it became apparent that she was no ordinary Mid-West girl. Stunning looks and a curvy physique would soon transform her from girl-next-door into catwalk goddess. Her first break as a model came in 1982 when she landed the Elite Look of the Year award.

Cindy created sensation in Fashion Industry

She transformed the mindset of fashion industry. Public & fashion experts attention shifted from the designers and their clothes, to the women who wore them. Along with Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer, Cindy was destined to become one of the key players in the golden age of the supermodel. She helped change the history of fashion forever, as public attention shifted from the designers and their clothes, to the women who wore them.

Cindy Crawford has packed a lot into her 15 years at the top of her profession. She play roles as supermodel, actress and businesswoman but had a failed marriage to one of Hollywood’s most desired leading man, Richard Gere.

In fashion world, Crawford is much more than supermodel. She is intelligent & have great fashion taste, athletic physique which help her to create seductive environment in party, fashion show, brand ads. Do you know that she is the first modern fashion model to appear nude in the men’s magazine Playboy (July 1988). and was chosen to host the fashion television show House of Style (1989–95), which held a 50 percent male audience.

Finally her hard work pay back, she was start rising after signup multimillion-dollar contract with Revlon. She gained international recognition like never before. She was featured with fellow models Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, and Tatjana Patitz on the cover of British Vogue (January 1990). This cover attracted significant attention from leading brands. She appear in the pop singer George Michael’s Freedom ’90 music video.  In 1995 Crawford signup big contract of major advertising campaign for PepsiCo, Inc. She named the top-earning model in the world by the U.S. publishing and media company Forbes.